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  • Marianna Cordon (Monday, November 02 20 06:12 pm GMT)

    My daughter absolutely loves her ballet lesson and looks forward to them each week. Alison is a fantastic teacher, the classes are well run and lots of fun.

  • Felicity Dekker-Bryant (Monday, November 02 20 02:05 pm GMT)

    My daughter absolutely loves coming to her ballet class, it’s one of the best parts of the week for her! She’s had such great teachers and has discovered a real love for her dancing.

  • Amy lodder (Friday, October 30 20 09:47 am GMT)

    My daughter has been dancing with Little dancers for some time now. She started with little dancers at school during an after school club. Then she’s now joined the Teen dance club which she throughly enjoys. Definitely recommend little dancers

  • Katie (Sunday, October 25 20 07:55 am GMT)

    My daughter is 2.5 and has loved every class, she is quite shy and seems to have come out of her shell with dancing. Alison is a great teacher and has a lot of patience.

  • Katie (Saturday, October 24 20 09:30 am BST)

    My daughter has been coming to little dancers since she was 1 years old (she’s now 7), she absolutely loves it! Teachers are so welcoming and supportive, each class is different and fun!
    The charity dance shows are amazing and it really makes me as a parent so overwhelmed with pride when I watch her and everyone in-fact on stage.

  • Victoria Bentley (Friday, October 23 20 10:00 pm BST)

    All three of my children (two girls and a boy) dance with Alison and she is great...every class is professional, fast paced and well run! They always come out smiling!

  • Gurjit (Friday, October 23 20 09:29 pm BST)

    My little girl has been attending dance class for the last 12 months. It is absolutely the highlight of her week!!! She utterly adores Miss Alison, whom she listens to without fail.... an achievement in its own right! Could not recommend enough. It also fills my week with joy and laughter too watching her dance (and sing.. her very own add on)!!

  • Dr Anna Marsden (Friday, October 23 20 08:34 pm BST)

    My three girls have enjoyed little dancers for years; ballet, tap and now junior dance. The teachers are fun and welcoming and the students have such fun! I would highly recommend little dancers to any young boys and girls

  • Abi (Friday, October 23 20 08:26 pm BST)

    Alison has been a lovely teacher to both my girls. The weekly dance classes have been a highlight for them (and also for me!)
    They are fun and imaginative.

  • Claire (Friday, October 23 20 07:46 pm BST)

    Both of my daughters have gone to these lovely classes. It’s such a joyful, and sometimes highly entertaining, thing to behold - often the highlight of our week! Alison has such a brilliant way with them; great music and props. Thank you.

  • Alice (Friday, October 23 20 07:36 pm BST)

    The highlight of my daughters week, she loves getting her tutu on and dancing with Alison and the other girls and it’s so lovely to watch them all dancing like mini ballerinas. It’s brilliant how Alison makes all the dances moves so fun and exciting for them. Would highly recommend Alison and her classes.

  • John- Mark Zywko (Friday, October 23 20 07:31 pm BST)

    Bella has really enjoyed your classes and often shows us her new moves. Thank you.

  • Sarah (Friday, July 05 19 07:58 pm BST)

    My daughter has been coming to Little Dancers since she was 2 (she is now 4) and loves it. She can be quite shy but Alison is very patient and engaging and the class has really helped with her confidence.

    She likes to put on little shows for us at home to show us what she has learnt and enjoys 'teaching' her little brother- which is highly entertaining!

  • Kara (Monday, June 25 18 11:40 am BST)

    Alison is a great teacher and very patient. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Little Dancers.

  • Grier (Monday, November 27 17 01:10 pm GMT)

    My daughter, who is 4 years old, loves attending Alison's ballet classes. Although she finds some bits challenging, Alison is really encouraging and helps her along. She enjoys practising at home and looks forward to coming each week.

  • Sarah (Tuesday, November 14 17 10:58 pm GMT)

    My very shy 2 year old is really beginning to come out of her shell during this first term of ballet, which is down to Alison's patience and enthusiasm. She loves practising what she has learn at home.
    I love how Alison has translated ballet steps into toddler play and demonstrates how this will progress into ballet as the children grow. And how she keeps a group of toddlers engaged and participating I will never know!

  • Bel (Saturday, November 11 17 06:57 am GMT)

    My daughter loved her preschool ballet with Alison, and is now in her second year with Tash. She's loved every minute, and we regularly get a mini show when she gets home!

  • charlotte (Friday, November 10 17 07:16 am GMT)

    This is my daughters first time with little dancers and she absolutely loves it.
    She practices at home all the time. Alison is lovely and so patient with all the girls.
    I would defiantly recommend it to my friends.
    Thank you

  • Grace J (Thursday, November 09 17 05:27 pm GMT)

    My daughter Charlotte has been with my little dancers over 2 years and loves her dancing class! The teachers are so great and helpful, we couldn’t ask for more!

  • Jen (Thursday, November 09 17 04:27 pm GMT)

    My daughters have done a variety of classes with Little Dancers, from Mini Little Dancers 2-3 class & Pre-School classes with Alison, to Little Dancers Plus & Little Tappers with Natasha. Great fun! Highly recommend!

  • Iya (Thursday, November 09 17 03:50 pm GMT)

    Our daughter acquired love for dance at the Little Dancers company. Thank you.

  • Nell (Thursday, November 09 17 02:00 pm GMT)

    My eldest daughter has been attending Alison’s classes for three years now, with my youngest joining last year. Both adore Alison and Tasha, and their dance classes are a highlight of all of our week. Classes are really fun and my girls love the use of tiaras, wands, teddies, feathers and scarves and really love the opportunity to wear tutus and dance to Disney music! Can’t recommend highly enough!

  • Melissa (Thursday, November 09 17 01:43 pm GMT)

    I enrolled zac over a year ago to help him with concentration and interaction after a positive autism diagnoses, I can not say how much little dancers has helped him the improvement has been an amazing , he has such confidence and loves the teachers and props

  • Jo (Thursday, November 09 17 01:42 pm GMT)

    This is my daughters second year with Little Dancers, having started in the 2-3 class. She absolutely loves it, asking all week when is she going to go to ballet. Alison is a kind, patient teacher. I'd highly recommend Little Dancers.

  • Lisa Burge (Thursday, November 09 17 01:40 pm GMT)

    My 4 year old and 2 year old daughters look forward to their dance class all week long! They get so much out of the relaxed and playful lessons!
    Fantastic classes! Fantastic teacher!

  • Sarah (Monday, March 20 17 02:33 pm GMT)

    My daughter, Belle, loves her dance classes with Alison. She asks if she's going dancing every day now and makes her baby brother do 'good toes' and 'naughty toes'! Great variety and lots of props to keep them entertained. Credit to Alison for her patience with a class of 2-3 year olds too!

  • Marion Poulter (Thursday, June 16 16 08:23 pm BST)

    Little Dancers is the absolute highlight of my daughter's week! Emily has loved every moment and can't wait for more...I'm definitely signing her up for more lessons! Great classes Alison and Tash,
    thank you!

  • Anne Bell (Monday, June 13 16 05:38 pm BST)

    As a grandparent who takes my granddaughter to Little Dancers I am extremely impressed by the professionalism of Alison and her natural empathy with the children. She ensures that every child is
    involved and they all participate enthusiastically in class.

  • Lisa (Friday, March 04 16 10:35 am GMT)

    Our very shy 3 year old has flourished during her first term at little dancers! Watching her confidence grow in Alison's nurturing environment has been sheer joy!

  • Claire (Monday, February 29 16 09:04 pm GMT)

    Millie loves going to dance & loves Alison, it's a great fun & relaxed class as well as structured, I definitely recommend this class :)

  • Hollie Stockley (Monday, February 29 16 10:55 am GMT)

    What a wonderful class! My daughter absolutely loves coming every week and I have seen great improvement in her dancing and listening skills. Alison does a great job of making the classes structured
    and fun!

  • Julia (Tuesday, November 17 15 10:21 am GMT)

    My 5 year old, Libby absolutely loves her dance classes. Natasha is great with the kids and makes it a fun learning experience.

  • Lorna Rogers (Monday, November 16 15 05:01 pm GMT)

    I was told at my daughters two year review that she was behind with her physical development. Over the space of a few lessons at mini little dancers I have seen huge improvements with this. She had
    learnt so many new skills and a real appreciation for dance. She wants to dance all the time with an increasingly diverse range of movements. She has also gained the ability to listen and follow
    instructions. As parents dance too it's a lovely activity to do together.

  • Nell Mallia (Monday, November 16 15 01:40 pm GMT)

    Our daughter adores Little Dancers, and Alison. This will be the second year she's attended the class and she loves every lesson. It's a joy to be able to come and sit and watch, and our daughter
    loves that she can wear whatever dance outfit she wants. A brilliant class I recommend often to friends.

  • Anna (Monday, November 16 15 12:29 pm GMT)

    Olivia adores her ballet lessons. Alison engages her class beautifully and gets the best from them.

  • Catherine Burston (Monday, November 16 15 11:36 am GMT)

    Teaching a group of 3 year olds to dance is no easy task and Alison does it brilliantly. Her classes are fun and she manages to keep the children engaged for the whole 30 minutes. My daughter
    absolutely loves the sessions and so do I!!!!

  • Tasha (Wednesday, June 03 15 09:17 am BST)

    My daughter has been attending classes since September 2014 and she loves coming. It's been a great way to introduce her to dance and I've seen her confidence grow and coordination come along in
    leaps and bounds. It's so lovely to watch them all enjoying themselves every week! We'll be sorry to leave this summer as school starts in September, thank you Alison!

  • Kate Keppel-Palmer (Tuesday, June 02 15 07:13 pm BST)

    Little Dancers is the highlight of my daughters week .... and mine! There is nothing more gorgeous than seeing a group of 3-year olds mastering co-ordination whilst developing a love of dance.

  • Louise Perry (Tuesday, June 02 15 09:41 am BST)

    My daughter has been attending Mini Little Dancers since Christmas. It is a lovely class which Alison runs so well. It is just right in terms of length, content and style.

  • Belinda Riley (Monday, June 01 15 04:44 pm BST)

    My daughter has been going to little dancers with Alison for nearly 2 years, she loves it, I love it. She inspires the children (and the adults) to do their best, and most importantly enjoy it. I
    would go nowhere else. Venues she selects are well chosen, big, clean and bright. Will be a sad day when my little one is too old to attend.

  • Helen Daniels (Monday, June 01 15 04:18 pm BST)

    Our daughter has had a great time at Little Dancers. Her face breaks into a smile as soon as she arrives each week. The classes are fun and varied. She has learnt new skills and has grown in
    confidence. It's great to be able to sit back, watch and applaud the Little Dancers' achievements. We'll be sorry to leave in the Summer. Thank you Alison!

  • Julie Hardisty (Monday, June 01 15 03:30 pm BST)

    My daughter Siena loves Little Dancers! Alison is great and very patient (!!) with the children. Thoroughly recommend.

  • Jody (Monday, June 01 15 01:31 pm BST)

    Little dancers is a wonderful relaxed start for children to ballet, Alison engages the children really well and my daughter is so proud to show everyone her new moves she has learnt. Highly

  • Jen (Monday, June 01 15 12:11 pm BST)

    My daughter wanted to start a ballet class and I'm so pleased we found Little Dancers! Classes are a fun way to be introduced to ballet, relaxed & informal. My daughter is now always asking if
    it's ballet day. Highly recommend.

  • Kirsten Bye (Monday, June 01 15 12:01 pm BST)

    my daughter loves going to Little Dancers. It's a relaxed environment for the kids to enjoy some ballet and I think Alison gets the balance of enjoyment and learning just right.

  • Amy Biddle (Monday, June 09 14 12:42 am BST)

    My little boy adores his ballet classes and always talks about his lovely teacher Alison. Her classes are well structured, a good size/length and provide a lovely variety of exercises which spark the
    imagination as well as teaching basic ballet skills. We all thoroughly enjoy his classes.

  • Jane Millington (Monday, June 02 14 11:14 am BST)

    Both my daughter and I really enjoy her dance lessons with Alison. I am just sorry that we didn't find Little Dancers sooner as my daughter starts school this year. I know she will be very sad to

  • Jon (Monday, June 02 14 10:58 am BST)

    Our daughter loves Little Dancers and would stay all day if she could. Alison is a fantastic teacher and great with the kids (and very patient!). I'd recommend it to anyone.

  • orshi juhasz (Sunday, June 01 14 09:57 pm BST)

    Amaizing class and teacher! Great patience, clever ideas to get little ones moving. Great music, good sized groups. You dont need to be pinklover to take part.I would recommend it for everyone. Well

  • Natalie Andrews (Monday, November 04 13 12:25 pm GMT)

    My daughter loves her Friday afternoon class. Alison is great at engaging all the children - how she does it I will never know!!! The class is different throughout with use of props which keeps the
    class flowing! Would recommend to anyone interested in finding a dance class and although it is ballet based it is not too girly!!!

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